Palvi Power Tech Sales FZE

Export, Import and international trading of chemicals, Acids, Minerals, Food Additives & Ingredients etc...

Palvi Power Tech Sales FZE

SAIF Zone Sharjah-UAE based Company engaged in Export –Import and International Trading

Palvi Power Tech Sales FZE

Dedicated team closely working to provide complete attention to each of our treasured customers.

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About Palvi FZE.
At a glance.

Palvi Power Tech Sales FZE is a SAIF Zone Sharjah-UAE based Company engaged in International trade business managing Export –Import globally, Palvi Power teach sales offers wide range of products like

Chemicals, Food Ingredients, Minerals, Acids, Agro Commodities, Master batches & Fillers.

Since its inception our vision has been to provide quality products to its customers and to build strong networks. Our valued customers are ensured price competitiveness and quality deliverance at every given opportunity. Our list of clients has increased from time-to-time and we established our business network globally.

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Export – Import

Power Tech Sales FZE core strength has always been exports. Our company with its network of distributors and suppliers, sources and export a wide range of chemicals, food and feed additives, commodity and specialty chemicals. We export to over five continents, covering more than 60 countries.

We have associated ourselves with some of the renowned vendors domestically and internationally, who supply us with the highest quality materials for our range of industrial chemicals. The company's endeavours are directed towards providing complete and integrated service based on customer’s requirements.

The company has invested in building a robust logistic system, owing to which it can deliver products and meet demands of customers within stipulated time. The management assures its clients that it delivers goods at guaranteed specifications.

International Trading

Palvi Power Tech Sales FZE has build up a very strong platform for International trade by network of suppliers and distributors. The company is at a commanding position in the market and managed to source chemical products, raw materials and services at competitive prices.

We deals international trade products areas consist of :-
  • Soap
  • Detergent
  • Laundry
  • Paper & Textile
  • Food Ingredients
  • Antioxidants
  • Cosmetics / Perfumes / Hair Care & Skin Care Ingredients
  • Flavour and Fragrance Chemicals
  • Polyurethane
  • Paint/ Coating
  • Plastics
  • Mining & Drilling & Water Treatment & Sugar Processing Chemicals


Dedicated Team

Our qualified team & experts in the field committed for product development, sourcing, marketing & sales. Team ensures quality and commitment for our valuable customers worldwide.

Customer Relationship

We strongly believe in providing products that our customer asks for, helping us build trust and reliability one step at a time. Our customers’ needs is our priority that needs to be met at all times.


Our long-standing business partnerships enable us to bring the most cost effective, quality solutions for our clients. These nurtured relationships help us customize our delivery too.


Our products & materials are sourced from the highest quality suppliers that meet international standards. We go through well-designed quality check process for each suppliers we deals in.


Palvi power tech sales firmly believes in commitments, our team diligently work to meet customer’s expectations by offering products and services at par with international standards.


Our Products

Large product portfolio with its network of distributors and suppliers, sources and export a wide range of chemicals, food and feed additives, raw material and specialty chemicals for Soap & Detergents, Paint, Coating, Plastics and Polyurethane. We also source and export

Chemicals for Water Treatment Industry,

Mining & Rubber Industries, to over five continents, covering more than 60 countries.

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