Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in various industries

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in various industries

12 September 2022



Who among us can forget the sting of hydrogen peroxide on a scratched knee applied by our parents? Hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in a brown container, is an antiseptic liquid traditionally used to treat cuts and other skin wounds and kill germs. Cleaning, disinfecting, and removing stains are just a few of the many non-medical uses for peroxide.


Hydrogen Peroxide:


H2O plus one more oxygen molecule equals hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The strength of peroxide comes from the oxidation of the additional oxygen molecule. This oxidation removes colour from permeable materials like textiles and kills bacteria. Choose the 3% strength medical-grade peroxide while using it. What this signifies is that there is only a trace amount of peroxide (3% of water) in the mixture. This medical-grade product can be used safely around the house.



Food-grade peroxide, a highly concentrated version of hydrogen peroxide (up to 35% strength), is also commercially available. The food sector employs it for a variety of tasks, including processing and bleaching, hence the name "food-grade." Palvi FZE is one of the most prominent as well as reputed Hydrogen Peroxide suppliers in UAE.


Inhaling or getting food-grade peroxide on the skin can be dangerous. Moreover, disinfecting and cleaning do not require such a potent solution. Hydrogen peroxide, in reality, has several unanticipated applications in a wide range of industries.


Pulp and Paper Industry:


The increasing need for recycled paper has resulted in a noticeable shift in the utilisation of H2O2 in the pulp and paper industry, which is one of the markets that Indian Peroxide hopes to serve. It is utilised in the bleaching of mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, as well as recycled pulp. The production of hydrogen peroxide, which is of a high grade and extremely clean, permits an improvement in the stability of the pulp’s brightness, raises the brightness level, and lowers the cost of manufacturing, all of which contribute to an improved end product.


Textile Industry:


In the textile industry, the use of hydrogen peroxide has taken the lead over the use of other chemicals as a result of the universal bleaching agents’ increasing demand. The production of eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide by Indian Peroxide results in a high bleaching impact at a low cost, which is especially important in contemporary short-term bleaching operations. Hydrogen peroxide is safe to use with virtually every type of fibre, and it may be applied at any temperature and in a variety of environments. Palvi FZE ranks among the top Hydrogen Peroxide exporters in UAE, that can fulfil all of your chemical needs for the textile industry.


Waste Water Treatment Industry:


In order to lower the BOD and COD of industrial wastewater, hydrogen peroxide is put to use as an oxidising agent in wastewater treatment. High-grade H2O2 can effectively handle both process water and effluent by removing any contaminants that may be present.


Food Industry Industry:


In the food sector, hydrogen peroxide is put to use as a whitening agent as well as a biocide. High-concentration grade H2O2 is used to bleach food in order to improve its colour and to sterilise antiseptic packaging containers in order to extend the shelf life of products. Milk contains it because it has antibacterial properties, whereas wheat flour, edible oil, and egg white contain it because it has bleaching properties.


Mining Industry:


The mining sector makes use of hydrogen peroxide in the capacity of an oxidant. Hydrogen peroxide is integrated into the manufacturing process of valuable elements like uranium and gold, and it makes chemical management more straightforward. H2O2 is utilised at many different stages of the metallurgical production process, where it helps to improve overall process control.


Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Industry:


Hydrogen peroxide is produced and supplied by Indian Peroxide, which is mostly geared toward the medical industry. Hydrogen peroxide is used to prevent infection on minor cuts and burns where it acts as an antiseptic liquid, as well as in the solution used to clean contact lenses. It is utilised for a variety of purposes such as teeth bleaching lotions, hair bleaching, mouthwash, toothpaste, as well as other hair care products among other applications. If you are looking for an excellent as well as the most distinguished Hydrogen Peroxide distributor in UAE, Palvi FZE is the best pick for you.


Electronics Industry:


The electronics industry uses H2O2 as an oxidizing agent. Hydrogen peroxide is used as a mordant in the printed circuit board production process and as an oxidizing and cleaning agent in the manufacturing process of semiconductors.