What are the various applications of Phosphoric Acid?

What are the various applications of Phosphoric Acid?

17 March 2022

The chemical formula of phosphoric acid (orthophosphoric acid, monophosphoric acid, or phosphoric(V) acid) is H3PO4.


To variable degrees, all three hydrogens are acidic and can be lost from the molecule as H+ ions (protons). The orthophosphate ion PO43−, sometimes known as "phosphate," is formed when all three H+ ions are eliminated. The dihydrogen phosphate ion H2PO−4, and the hydrogen phosphate ion H2PO−2 are formed by removing one or two protons, respectively.


In chemical laboratories, phosphoric acid is often found as an 85% aqueous solution, which is a odourless, colourless, as well as non-volatile syrup-like liquid. Despite the fact that phosphoric acid does not satisfy the legal definition of a strong acid, the 85% solution can cause significant skin irritation and eye damage.


Phosphoric acid, which is also a mineral acid, has the formula H3PO4 and comprises one phosphorus atom, four oxygen atoms, and three hydrogen atoms.


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Orthophosphoric acid is an important chemical with a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, agriculture, and everyday products. In any event, we'll look at some of the most common applications for phosphoric acid below.


To remove the rust:


Phosphoric acid is a type of acid that is widely used to remove rust from metals such as iron and steel. When this acid is put to rust, it usually reacts with it and transforms the reddish-brown iron, which is often ferric oxide (iron oxide), to a black-colored molecule called ferric phosphate. This dark ferric phosphate material is simple to get rid of.


In food and beverages:


Food additives containing phosphoric acid are common. This acid, which acts as an acidity regulator, can be found in jams, cereal bars, processed meats, cheese, and other foods. In the beverage business, phosphoric acid is utilised as an acidulant. It aids in the prevention of fungal and bacterium growth. It also improves the taste of these drinks. However, there is continuous discussion over the acid's health consequences and benefits.


In personal care:


Phosphoric acid is used in the manufacturing of a wide range of personal care products. Cleaning items, bath products, fragrances, hair care products and colours, nail products, makeup, and other skin care products are just a few examples. Phosphoric acid, on the other hand, is utilised to regulate the pH of these products.


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In agriculture:


According to some statistics, about 80% of the phosphoric acid produced is utilised to make fertiliser. Phosphoric acid is also utilised in animal and poultry feed as an additive and flavouring ingredient.


In pharmaceutical:


This acid is mostly employed as a pharmacological intermediary. Dentistry is one of the most common applications for phosphoric acid. It is commonly used to clean teeth and is used as an etching solution. Phosphoric acid is also used in teeth whiteners and mouthwash solutions. Anti-nausea medications contain phosphoric acid.


Other Uses:

There are a few other applications for this acid as well. In fuel cells and oxyhydrogen generators, phosphoric acid is utilised as an electrolyte. Phosphoric acid is also utilised in the production of synthetic detergents as well as the treatment of water and metals.


It's also utilised in the construction sector to get rid of mineral deposits, cement streaks, and hard water stains. It can form activated carbon compounds by acting as a chemical oxidising agent.