Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Appearance - A colorless to very pale blue liquid that is much more viscous than water in its purest form.

Chemical Formula: H₂O₂


Uses: It is widely used as a Bleaching Agent, an Antiseptic, for Organic Compounds Production, Disinfectant, Stain removal, as well as an Oxidizer.


Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide, also known as "high-test peroxide," is a kind of reactive oxygen which was used as a rocket propellant in the earlier times. The Oxygen-Oxygen (O-O) bond dominates its chemistry.


Hydrogen Peroxide is considered as the simplest peroxide which is a compound having a single oxygen–oxygen bond. In the presence of light, it slowly starts decomposing. Hydrogen peroxide is typically held in a dark-colored container with a stabilizer in a weak acidic solution. Along with the biological systems. Hydrogen Peroxide can also be found in the human body.

Hydrogen Peroxide is widely used as a bleaching agent, for organic compounds production, disinfectant, blood stain removal, hair bleach, etc. It's a pale blue liquid that's used in a variety of industrial cleaning methods.


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