Phosphoric acid 85% Food Grade



Chemical Formula: H3PO4


Palvi FZE is one of the most reliable and recognised Phosphoric acid suppliers in Nigeria offering top quality Phosphoric acid 85% Food Grade chemical to the companies in the market. Food-grade 85% phosphoric acid is extensively used in a range of foods and beverages for pH control and modification. It's a food-grade substance that shouldn't be mistaken for a harmful acid. Phosphoric acid food-grade 85% is safe for consumption in the food industry when handled and blended correctly. Because food-grade 85% phosphoric acid has a pH below 1, it should only be distributed by licenced specialists, and everyone who comes into contact with it should wear protective clothing and equipment.


Precautions to be taken when working with Phosphoric acid 85% Food Grade.

  • General:

Before using, read the label. Keep out of children's reach. Have a product bottle or label on hand if medical advice is required.

  • Prevention:

Wear gloves to protect your hands. Protect your eyes and face with eye or face protection. Put on some protective gear. Only keep items in their original packaging. Only use outside or in a well-ventilated space. Vapour should not be inhaled. After handling, carefully wash your hands.

  • Response:

As a response, it absorbs the spillage to prevent any material damage.

  • If Inhaled:

Take the person in an open environment where he can inhale fresh air and maintain a comfortable breathing level and call your physician at the earliest.

  • If Swallowed:

Immediately call your physician, rinse your mouth thoroughly and do not induce vomiting.

  • If comes in contact with skin or hair:

Remove any contaminated garments as soon as possible. Wash the area of contact thoroughly with water and call your physician at the earliest.

  • If comes in contact with Eyes:

Rinse your eyes thoroughly with water. If are wearing any contact lenses, remove them and call your physician at the earliest.


  • Storage:

Locked up store. Keep the container in a corrosion-resistant container with a corrosion-resistant inner liner.


  • Disposal:

All local, regional, national, and international regulations must be followed while disposing of the contents and container.


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