Soda Ash (Light & Dense)

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3·10H2O


Sodium carbonate, Na2CO3·10H2O, is an inorganic compound having the formula Na2CO3 and several hydrates. Because the ashes of these salt-rich plants differed significantly from wood ashes, sodium carbonate was dubbed "Soda Ash." It is produced in large quantities using the Solvay process, which uses sodium chloride and limestone.


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Common Uses of Sodium Carbonate:

  • Detergents and soaps are made with it in big quantities.

  • Used in the production of glass.

  • It's a material used to make rayon polymers.

  • It is used as an anti-caking agent, raising agent, stabiliser, and other food additives.

  • It is used in cuisine, for example, Sodium Carbonate gives ramen noodles their unique flavour.

  • It's a material that's employed in the brick industry.

  • It is employed in the tanning and processing of animal hides.

  • It is a foaming agent that is found in toothpaste.

  • Water glass (Sodium silicate), borax, Sodium phosphate, and a variety of other salt compounds are all made from it.

  • It's a substance that's utilised to change the pH of water.

  • Carbonate is a water softener that precipitates hard water containing magnesium and calcium ions.

  • It can also be used as an analytical reagent and as a laboratory standardisation reagent.


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  • Each molecule of Sodium Carbonate contains two sodium atoms, three oxygen atoms, and one carbon atom.

  • Each Sodium particle possesses a positive charge, whereas the polyatomic Carbonate anion possesses a negative charge.

  • As a result, sodium carbonate is a neutral chemical.


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