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Acetic Acid

Acetic acid is also known as ethanoic acid and widely employed in food, pharma, manufacturing of inks & dyes, perfume and other industrial applications.

Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl chloride is mostly employed as an intermediate in various chemicals. The product is used as a solvent for inks, paints, biocide, employed as a precursor for penicillin, pharma products, detergent & cleaning agent industry, etc.

Extra Neutral Alcohol

Extra neutral alcohol (ENA) is employed in the production of potable alcohol, pharma, flavor & fragrance, personal care and food industries.

Magnesium Sulphate

Magnesium sulphate/Magnesium Sulfate is highly recommended in pharma industry as it is used to control the low blood vessel level of magnesium, constipation, etc. Moreover, the product find its extensive use in the production of textile, cement, fertilizer, and other industries.

Manganese Sulphate

Manganese sulphate/manganese sulfate is used as a fertilizer additive, textile dyes, nutrient & dietary supplements, poultry, laboratory reagent, paints & varnishes, etc.

Oxalic Acid Dihydrate

Oxalic Acid Dihydrate is used as an analytical reagent in metal treatment, pain & dye, polymer, surface treatment, water treatment, wood and other industrial applications.

Para Di Chloro Benzene (PDCB)

Para di chloro benzene (PDCB) is commercially used as a fumigant insecticide to control cloth moths. Additionally, it is also employed in insecticidal fumigant, production of PPS resin, pesticides, etc.

Hydrofluoric Acid

Hydrofluoric acid is mostly used as an industrial raw material for the production of gasoline, refrigerants, aluminum, herbicides, rust removing cleaners, pharma, plastic products, etc.

Zinc Sulphate

Zinc Sulphate (ZnSO4) is widely used as a dietary supplement. Apart from this, the product is used as a preservative for leather, electroplating, dyeing, personal care & cosmetics, etc.

2-Ethyl Hexyl Acetate

2-Ethyl Hexyl Acetate is used in various industrial applications. Some of the application industries include leather, paint & coatings, cleaners, automotive OEM, etc.

Sodium Molybdate | Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate | Sodium Molybdate Anhydrous

The product finds its application in production of pigments, micro nutrients, corrosion inhibitors, catalyst manufacturing, water treatment chemicals, coolants & grease for automobiles, etc.

Ammonium Di Molybdate

Ammonium Di Molybdate finds its extensive use in the production of specialty pigments, fabric fire retardant agent, agro fertilizers, as a raw material in the molybdenum wire manufacturing, ceramic glazes, etc. Additionally, the product also employed as a reagent in analytical chemistry and catalyst in petrochemical industry.

Ammonium Hepta Molybdate

Ammonium Hepta Molybdate is used in the processing of pigments, as an analytical reagent, production of molybdenum metals & ceramics, electroplating, crop fertilizers, and others.

Ammonium Tetra Molybdate

Ammonium Tetra Molybdate is highly recommended for laboratory reagent.

Molybdenum Trioxide

Molybdenum trioxide is majorly used for the production of molybdenum metals, further which is served as an additive to corrosion resistant alloy and steel. The product is also recommended as an anti-microbial agent in polymers, etc.

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