Our Products


Chlorinated Paraffin

The product is mainly used as a plasticizer in the formulation of PVC compounds & granules used in wires & cables, PVC windows and door profiles, PVC flooring, films & sheets, PVC foot wears, and other plastic products. This is all due to its superior fire retarding, chemical & stain resistance, other characteristics.

Plasticizers-DOP/ DINP/ DIBP/ DEP/ DMP/ DBP

The plasticizers are additives used mainly in PVC, which further used in films and cables.

Black Masterbatch

We offers black masterbatches with all carrier resins like PE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, PC in order to meet all end-user segments requirements. The product is widely used in the production of films, pipes, injection molded products, filaments & yarns, and other specialty plastic products.

White Masterbatch

Palvi manufactures white master batches with loading Of TiO2 varying from 20% to 70% along with UV resistance & FDA compliant grades. The product is extensively used for the manufacturing of packaging films, automotive components, non-woven fabrics, injection & roto-molding parts, household products, flexible pouches for oil & milk packaging application, etc.

Additive Masterbatch

In additive masterbatch segment, we offer UV, clarifier, anti-oxidant, PPA, and anti-static masterbatches. These all products finds application in various areas, which include household products, automotive components, packaging films, food packaging products, etc.


In fillers segment, Palvi offers natural and calcium carbonate fillers. These products are highly used for the manufacturing of woven fabrics & sacks, laminations, raffia tape films, blow & injection moulding products.


We export/distribute all the above products in Canada, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UK, Greece, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Philippines, Vietnam, Honduras and Other countries.