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Water Treatment & Sugar Processing Chemicals

Water Treatment & Sugar Processing Chemicals

Aluminum Chloro Hydrate (ACH)

Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) is used as a coagulant in municipal & industrial water treatment plants. Mostly, the product is employed for TSS, metals and phosphate removal in waste water treatment sector.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is used in the purification of edible oils, recovery of metals, corrosion prevention, cyanotoxin removal from drinking water, air filtration, treatment of condensate water, etc.

Aluminium Sulphate (Ferric/ Non-Ferric)

Aluminium sulphate is used in the water treatment for coagulation of organic and mineral colloids prior to sedimentation and/or filtration. The product is also used in dyeing fabrics, paper making, medical, food and other applications.

Calcium Hypochlorite (Sodium Base) 65% & 70%

Calcium hydrochlorite is also commercially known as sodium basel. The product is used to sanitize & disinfect the decks, pool bottom& sides, ladders, industrial sanitization and also employed as a bleaching agent. Calcium hydrochlorite is extensively used to disinfect sewage and waste water treatment.

Ferric Chloride (Liquid/ Powder)

Ferric chloride is an industrial commodity chemical and wisely used for sewage treatment and purification of water, production of drinking water, etc. Additionally, it is also employed in production of plating agents, surface treating agents, pigments and other industrial applications.

Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine is significantly employed in the water purification activities as it restrict the biological growth in water. Moreover, the product is used in pulp & paper, textile, plastics, chemical processing, agriculture, pigments, pharma and other industries.

Poly Aluminum Chloride (Liquid/ Powder)

Poly aluminium chloride (PAC) is mostly used for purification application in waste-water industry. The product is also used in pulp & paper for the treatment of water & effluents during production of paper.

Sodium Chlorate - Chlorite

Sodium chlorate / chlorite are both majorly used in the production of chlorine di oxide, which is further employed in water treatment application.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite is widely used for water purification applications. The product is also used for bleaching, odor removal, surface purification, and other industrial applications.


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